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Temptation’s Rewards

When temptation beckons, it's best to give in! That's what these loving families find out when sexy opportunities come their way. For the first time, four of Alana Church's bestsellers are in one steamy anthology. Sit back and enjoy as sisters, cousins, wives, and brothers satisfy themselves, and each other!

In "While the Cat's Away," Katherine Swenson is relieved when her niece Cindy is available to look after her twin son and daughter while she's away at a church conference. But Cindy isn't as innocent as she claims to be. It's only a matter of time before the horny little nymphet has taken both Dawn and Donny into her bed!

In the sequel, "The Mice Will Play," Cindy has moved in with Katherine and the twins. But Cindy finds it hard to adjust to small-town life, and the opportunities for naughty family fun are fewer now that Kat is back home. The only solution is to seduce Kat into their incestuous lifestyle, too!

In "Cutting Ties," Roy Lee McCoy wants to leave his dead-end life in the dying mill town of Deer Creek, Alabama. His Aunt Eileen wants to leave, too, but for different reasons—she’s terrified of her abusive husband. When Roy Lee tells her of his plans, he discovers that she will do anything to get out of town, including him!

In the sequel, "Cutting Loose," Roy Lee and Eileen have escaped to Promise, Montana, reuniting with Roy Lee's long-lost mother. But as idyllic as Promise is, they can't hide their forbidden love from Roy Lee's mother, Jillian. When she finds out, will she lay bare their secrets? Or will she become a willing member of their sexy household?

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