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My Virgin Daddy

Standalone Books

Charlie Griffin had sworn to save himself for marriage. When he met hot, sexy Elena Rodriguez, he thought his prayers had been answered. But then Elena is cruelly taken away from him on their wedding night. Succumbing to despair, Charlie sinks into depression. But he hasn't counted on the willpower of one young woman. Jasmine, Elena's daughter, won't let him throw his life away. She will do anything to claim the love of "My Virgin Daddy."

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Please,” she whispered, astonished at how quickly control of the situation had passed to him. “Kiss me.” She curled her hand around his neck and pulled him down to her breast. She spread her legs wide as he sank down towards her, and all she could think about was how good he felt. How warm his skin was, how he seemed to fit seamlessly in her arms, without any need for awkward adjustment. He kissed her, his lips brushing the swell of her left tit, then slowly moving towards her throbbing nipple.

“More,” she growled, canting her body to one side. Her fingers tangled in his hair, and she all but forced his mouth to where she most desired it. With a tiny smile, he opened his mouth and suckled her turgid bud.

“Fuck!” The word practically exploded out of her mouth. She hadn't been this turned on in years. She held his head to her breast and moaned in ecstasy as he laved her with the rough pad of his tongue. “Good, Charlie. So good.” Her hips rolled up toward his shaft, and she moaned as she trapped his hardness between their bodies. The feeling triggered another surge of heat in her loins. “Gonna get fucked. Gonna get fucked by my stepdaddy.” She giggled, half-hysterical, as he looked up her with shocked eyes. “Yeah, I talk dirty when I get horny. It makes me even hotter. Do you like that, Charlie? That your horny little stepdaughter talks like a slut in bed?” She spread her legs, hooking her ankles around the backs of Charlie's knees. The increased leverage allowed her to grind her pussy into his cock. She keened as her nether-lips spread wide, coating him with her juice.

“God.” His teeth were clenched. “What are you doing?”

“This?” She stroked him, feeling his throbbing cock glide over the wetness of her channel. “It's called a stripper slide.” She kissed him again, her tongue diving deep into his mouth. “Because of how I'm using your pole, stepdaddy. Like a nasty slut stripper.”

“You shouldn't call me that.” But his eyes told another tale. She could tell how much her dirty talk was turning him on, and wondered vaguely if her mother would have ever discovered this particular kink on her own.

“But you are.” She batted her eyelashes at him winsomely. “You're my stepdaddy, and I'm your horny stepdaughter. And we're going to have so much fun. Wouldn't you like to come home every night to have a horny slut waiting to fuck your brains out?

“Because that's what I am. I'm a slutty little tramp. So was Mama, before she married and had me and had to start being responsible. My abuela told me some stories about her, and I could read between the lines.”

She sighed in pleasure as she stroked him, and then again, as he began to match her movements. His manhood glided over the throbbing bud of her clitoris, over and over again, and she wondered dimly how long she could hold off.

“You're just what I need, Charlie. A good man who can satisfy me in bed, and who won't let me get out of control with anyone beside you.”

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