The Succubus #5 - Sacred Sins


[succubus, hardcore sex, oral sex, M/F sex, group sex, masturbation, demon, fantasy]

Althea has been found. The missing body of the succubus has been located in a hospital. Now Rachel and her family are in a race against both time and terrifying evil, because one of the Demon-spawn also knows where her body lies. Time is of the essence, and nothing is certain. Because even if they are successful, to restore Althea to her body they will have to commit…Sacred Sins.


      Jeremy shoved the bedroom door open with his shoulder, then all but fell onto Sarah's bed, her lean body cushioning his collapse. The trip up the stairs had been exquisite torture. With each step, his cock shifted inside Sarah's hot, wet channel. Stimulated by his motions, she had rocked back and forth, her vagina clamping down on him until he thought he would burst.
      As he fought for breath, she smiled and gave him her mouth. When their kiss ended, she brushed his cheek with her fingers. “Poor baby. All those hot women around, teasing you. And you're trying to save yourself for me.”
      “I don't think they were teasing me. I think they were totally horny for each other. The fact that it was turning me on was just collateral damage. But I had to get out of that room,” he continued, slowly easing into her, then pulling out even more slowly. He closed his eyes, savoring the feel of her wrapped around his cock. “I'm not into that kind of exhibitionism.”
      She stretched her hands up over her head, as if to better display her beautiful assets. “But you're changing, Jeremy. We all are. Maybe not so much as Mom. But some. I certainly would never have tried to seduce my own father. And I bet you would have been shot dead rather than make love on a couch in broad daylight, where anyone could walk in and see.”
      He nodded, but then halted her next comment with a kiss, not letting her go until she had stopped trying to talk. “Maybe you're right. But I want to think about other things right now.” He pushed her thighs apart until her legs were spread wide and he could thrust strongly into her.
      “God, you're beautiful,” he said softly. He bent his head, kissing first one breast, then the other, even as he continued to drive his cock in and out of her soaking sheath. In return, her hips rose to meet his, their groins joining for a single fevered instant before they parted. Each time, he could feel the liquid heat of her sex, each time hotter and wetter and stronger.

Word Count: 23,000

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