Cutting Free #2 - Cutting Loose


[incest, mother/son, aunt/nephew, hardcore sex, oral sex, three-way, groupsex, Promise Montana, The Promise Papers]

Against the odds, Roy Lee McCoy and Eileen Harris have been reunited with Jillian, Roy Lee's mother and Eileen's sister. As the three of them work to merge back into a family, new pressures threaten to shatter their hard-won freedom.

How will Jillian react when she discovers that her son and her sister are lovers? Will their love be able to survive the strain? Or will the siren song of Promise create a greater whole?

And an old enemy is also searching for them: Eileen's husband, a thuggish brute who thrives on pain. When he appears, will they be able to stand against him? Or will the three of them fall victim to senseless malice? Find out, as our three lovers start...Cutting Loose.


      “Lordy,” Eileen sighed, once everything was piled in the living room. She kicked her shoes off, wriggling her toes on one of the braided rugs Roy Lee had scattered on the hardwood floor. “We're going to have to invest in a storage unit. Or find a bigger house.”
      “Or move out,” Roy Lee suggested. “I've got a job and money in the bank. I could rent a place.” He sighed. “God, that sounds like heaven. Someplace of my own. Where I wouldn't be a guest.”
      “Your momma doesn't mind putting you up, baby,” Eileen protested.
      “I know. But I still feel like I'm taking advantage of her. A man my age should be able to stand on his own two feet. I turn twenty-three in January. I don't want to be sleeping on her couch forever.” He slipped behind her, his hands ducking under the hem of her shirt so he could cup her lovely breasts in his hands.
      “Ahhhh...” she sighed comfortably, arching into his touch. Even through her cotton bra, worn today for practicality and warmth, her sensitive nipples peaked, firming as he massaged her tits. She shuffled her feet backwards until her rear was firmly planted against his groin. She wriggled sensually, delighting in the anguished groan she tore from his lips.
      “God, you drive me crazy,” he whispered, his breath hot in her ear. His hands drifted lower, unclasping her jeans. At the same time, she pulled off her shirt and popped the hooks on her bra. In moments the only thing she was wearing were socks and her panties.
      Well, maybe just her socks, because her nephew seemed somewhat determined to strip her naked. He pulled her underwear over her hips and kissed her rear end. “Have I ever told you how good you smell when you're horny?” he said softly. With gentle touches, he encouraged her to spread her legs.
      “Wait,” she whispered. In a few steps, she had reached the couch. She braced her hands on one of the arms, and toed a rug over to him. “This will make it easy on your knees. If you really want to do this here.”
      “Oh, yes,” he breathed. His eyes fixed hungrily on the puffy lips of her pussy. He nuzzled in close, and drew his tongue up her slit, savoring the taste of her tangy dew. He knew, in his secret heart, that he would never grow tired of this. The taste of this sexy, obviously aroused woman was intoxicating. He closed his eyes, his hands stroking Eileen's thighs, concentrating on her pleasure. Closer, even closer now, his face buried in the comforting warmth of her flesh. His lips found her throbbing nodule, peeking out from under its hood, and fastened on it. Like the darting tongue of a hummingbird, he licked her most sensitive place.
      Eileen twitched in pleasure. Reflexively, her hips humped back into her lover. Her breath hissed between her teeth, and she bowed her head over the arm of the sofa, concentrating on the delicious feelings Roy Lee woke in her. Him, her dizzy mind asserted. Only, ever, with him. No one else. Ever. Her hands reached for her own breasts. She kneaded them slowly, her fingers rolling her nipples, savoring the slow rise of heat in her face, her chest, her groin.
      “What next?” came the soft whisper from behind.

Word Count: 29,600

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