Tales of The Change #1 - Touch of the Seductress


[Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Hardcore sex, Oral sex, Interracial, Superheroes, Romance, Hot Couple Action]

When the Change occurred, the entire planet was thrown into chaos. But out of that chaos emerged the Changed, women and men with incredible physical and mental abilities.

Olivia Lee is one of the Changed, driven by her sexual gifts to protect the people of her city from those who would seek to hurt or corrupt others.

But what will happen when she meets one of the most hated and feared Changed of all? Will his tale drive her to aid him, or will she turn her back on one who most needs her sexual assistance?


      Opening the door, she stepped into the dim light of the bedroom. Soft jazz played on the radio on the nightstand, and she was pleased to see that Edward had indeed removed his clothes, and was laying on his back on the bed.
      Very pleased.
      If he's a shower, not a grower, I'm still a lucky woman. But if he's a grower, well, I'm going to have one hell of a good night.
      The idea that she might not be able to bring Edward to an aroused state never even thought about crossing her mind.
      She slowly swayed towards the bed, hips moving in a seductive strut, her breasts bouncing not quite in time to the rhythm of her steps. Smiling, she looked down at him.
      “You look about as relaxed as a man about to face the guillotine,” she said. She held up the bottle of oil. “Why don't you turn over and I can give you a massage? And after that,” she said, half laughing, as he rolled over onto his stomach, head pillowed on his arms, “we can see if the irresistible force has any effect on the immovable object.”
      From beneath her came a rueful chuckle. He had a nice laugh, she thought. She wondered what he had been like, before the Change blighted his life.
      She tossed the towel to one side, uncapped the oil, and poured a generous amount into her cupped hand. She knelt at his knees, her legs straddling him, and softly touched his back, gentle fingers kneading the knots softly, trying to ease the tension in his rigid muscles.
      Gradually he began to unwind, his body sinking further into the mattress, his breath coming deeper. His eyes closed, he said in a sleepy murmur, “I've never had my very own geisha before. Did you acquire this skill with the Change?”
      “Of course,” she replied easily, pouring more oil down his spine to pool in the small of his back. Her thumbs smoothed oil up his back, then her arms spread wide to run her hands over his shoulders and biceps. He wriggled contentedly under her touch, the curves of his ass flexing, rising up to meet her touch. “What use does a computer programmer have learning massage? None. But the Seductress? She does. And enjoys using those skills.”
      She anointed her own body with the fragrant oil, shuddering in bone-deep pleasure as her slick hands rubbed it into her chest and belly. Dropping low, she ran her torso up the length of Edward's back, her breasts softly sweeping up the pale skin.
      And below her, she felt him begin to respond to her touch, shivers running down his body. At the top of one stroke, she paused, her breath hot in his ear, and her tongue reached out, the tip flicking delicately on the rounded lobe.

Word Count: 10,900

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