Aphrodite's Children #2 - Aphrodite's Daughter


[goddess, taboo, incest, father-daughter, three-way, menage, hardcore sex, oral sex, immortal]

The finale of "Aphrodite's Children." For twenty years, the Goddess Aphrodite has lived with her chosen, Phaedra. But Phaedra's daughter is approaching adulthood. When an ancient evil returns to trouble her family, Phaedra and her daughter, Titania, must make a fateful choice. Will Titania allow the goddess to merge with her?


      “I think our daughter might be a bit of a voyeur,” Nick commented, as they closed the bedroom door behind them.
      “Not surprising, since one of her mothers is a bit of an exhibitionist,” his wife replied. She unfastened her chiton, letting it fall to the floor.
      “Just one?” he teased, as she walked into his arms. Her clever fingers found the buttons of his shorts, pulling them down with a quick jerk of her arms. As soon as they hit the ground, she was pressed up against him, her large breasts and her cherry-colored nipples pushing into his chest as she raised her mouth hungrily to his.
      “Maybe two,” she murmured around his lips. His cock had risen, and she rubbed herself against him, making him groan with want. “I don’t know why. Showing off for her makes me…hot. I’m proud of my body. I’m proud that you want me. Showing her how horny both of us are for each other makes me even hornier.”
      He lifted her breasts in his hands, kissing her nipples in turn, smiling as her skin rose in little goosebumps. “I’m glad you decided to come up here, though. From the way things were going, I thought one of you was going to invite her over to share.”
      He meant it jokingly, and stumbled to a halt when he caught the frankly appraising frown on his wife’s face.
      “I didn’t mean it!” he said quickly, trying to cover up his blunder. “Phaedra. You know I would never…betray her that way. Or you.”
      “Hush.” She laid a hand on his cheek. “I know you wouldn’t. Not on purpose.” Her eyes grew hazy and distant, and he knew she was having an internal conversation with Aphrodite.
      One, that for some reason, he was not being invited to participate in.
      She blinked, her eyes focusing on him, and she smiled and kissed him, though she did not share whatever dialogue had just taken place. Turning to the bed, she lay on her stomach, her rear canted perkily in the air. In the low light, he could still see the petals of her nether-lips, parted slightly. A light, flowery smell began to pervade the air of the room, and as the scent of his wife’s holy musk hit his nostrils, he joined her.
      “How do you want me?” he asked, covering her body with his and kissing her neck.
      In response, she opened her legs invitingly and pushed her bottom higher, the silky skin brushing against his erection, driving him half-mad with desire. “Long. And slow,” she whispered.

Word Count: 26,179

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