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Daddy-Daughter Dance

Standalone Books

Following her mother's death, Kathryn Sparks took care of her grief-stricken father. But a casual encounter one day led her to contemplate the unthinkable. Would it be so wrong to seduce Kevin, a kind, gentle man who needs a reason to go on?

But how? A chance arises when her school sets up a 'father-daughter' dance. Now Kathryn will be forced to use all her powers of persuasion and seduction. Her father must learn that the death of one loved one is not the end of the world.

Whatever happens, their lives will never again be the same. Watch through their eyes as Kathryn and Kevin learn what it is to truly love, following the "Daddy-Daughter Dance."

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

    “Well, that was a good time,” Kevin said, taking off the shapeless felt hat and the rope belt and setting them down on the kitchen counter. “But I'm glad it's over.” He opened up the refrigerator, frowning at the slim pickings inside. “It's too late to make anything, and we don't have much as far as leftovers are concerned. How about we order something in?”

    “I've got a different idea, Daddy,” came his daughter's voice from close behind him. “How about I eat you?”

    It took a moment for Kathryn's words to register. When they did, he spun around in shock. But before he could do more than open his mouth, he found his daughter on her knees on the tile floor, her hands undoing the wooden buttons that held up his trousers.

    “Katie, what the hell?”

    “I'm hungry, Daddy,” she said, looking up at him, though her hands didn't stop. “Hungry for your cock. I bet it tastes real good.” She licked her lips lasciviously. “I need a bellyful of your cum.”

    If the situation hadn't been so bizarre, he might have been tempted to laugh. But… “Kathryn. Stop it. This isn't funny. This is wrong.”

    “No,” she replied, “This is right. You smell good, Daddy. Like a man.” Slapping away his hands, which were futilely trying to push her away, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his boxers, slipping them down over his cock, which, to his horror, was rapidly surging erect.

    “Oh,” she said. She glanced up at him, her eyes soft. “It's so beautiful. I only saw it the one time, in the shower last weekend, when you were jerking off. But it looks so much better now.” To his utter astonishment, she kissed it, her pink lips lingering on the skin of his shaft.

    His brain began to catch up with her words. Last weekend? The shower? “Is that where all this started? You saw me…masturbating, and you decided to seduce me?”

    “Mmhmm.” she laid her cheek on the side of his rod. “You were so big, Daddy. It made me horny.” With astonishing directness, she slipped her dress off her shoulders, revealing a filmy blue bra. Unwillingly, his eyes were drawn to her breasts. Was it just his imagination, or were her nipples the image of her mother's, dark brown and puffy, drawing up into delectable little nubs?

    He made a last, despairing effort, “If anyone finds out-”

    “I'm not telling. And you're not telling.”

    “I'm not…Katie,” he said, and she looked up at the change in his voice. “I'm not…I'm not always nice.”

    If anything, her expression became even hungrier. “I don't want nice, Daddy,” she said, drawing her tongue up the underside of his shaft in a long, teasing stroke.

    “I want you.”

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